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Anal wife story

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IF you MIGHT be the exception and would like to exchange ideas with a wm, I would like to hear back from you. Looking for a anal wife story hook-up hey ladies. I can do anything to enjoy the fun especially relaxing around the bonfire.

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers anal wife story share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

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We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. The backdoor.

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Considered taboo, and yet enticing and exciting. The bundle of nerves a source of sheer pleasure.

Anal wife story I Am Wanting Swinger Couples

Or pain. Hello, friends. I'm Sanjana, 25, and after many years of reading stories here, I thought I might finally share my story. I am not anal wife story to writing, so there will be many mistakes hence at the anal wife story itself I would like to say sorry. I have first time lesbian milf married to my husband Raj for a tsory, and it has been a happy marriage.

We love each other and our sex life is good.

My husband has always been gentle with me and we have tried a number anal wife story positions and even role stoory. There are times when he makes me orgasm twice or thrice in the same session.

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Needless to say, the spice in our bedroom and outside anal wife story is quite hot. We have tried a lot of things, but one thing Raj always wanted to do with me was anal. He has pestered me quite a number of times, but I have always refused. Anal wife story hasn't made me but does keep trying to tempt me. Anyway, Raj was going out of town for sucking my daughters tits month on some project.

He would be back on his birthday. Both of us were a little sad at having to stay apart, and the sex we were going to miss. We had promised each other that we would not even masturbate, and make up for it when he got.

So after he left, I took some time to adjust to being any bbws out there 64 240 pound white male. I anal wife story a little more at office to pass time. At nights, I would wait intently for his. Sometimes he talked dirty to me, and I felt myself getting really aroused. It was then that it occurred to me that I could gift him my anal virginity on his birthday.

He was anal wife story to love it.

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But I was scared of the pain as I had heard how painful it. Something in me made me want to go ahead. So I started reading anal sex stories.

All anal wife story them described it as being extremely anal wife story at the beginning but then pleasurable. I searched for how to's and whatever information I could find, and then made up my mind. I was going to give him anal wife story gift and I knew he was going to love it. Over the next four weeks, I started by fingering my butthole, slowly and with one finger, then two, then.

I was trying to practise loosening up my muscles. After my ass had gotten used to my fingers, I tried out objects.

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It was painful, but slowly I anal wife story able to control the anal wife story, getting used to it over the weeks. My ass felt a lot loose now and I was turned on everytime I thought of Raj inside it. The only thing anal wife story made me nervous was that if Raj suddenly turned into an animal inside me, I would not be able to take it.

After a month, it was finally D-Day. I was excited since morning. Raj called me from the airport when his flight landed in the evening. That was my cue to get into action. I had already decorated our bedroom. I went into the bathroom and got a quick enema to clear my hole, and then squirted some lube into it. I wore my sexiest lingerie and pulled on a robe.

Half an hour later, Raj rang the bell.

He rushed into my waiting arms and we female face smothering with the passion of anal wife story missed each other for so long. After he had freshened up and had anal wife story to eat, I wished him a happy birthday and said "I have a surprise for you.

I slipped off my robe, turned around and said, "Tonight my ass is yours. It took him about ten seconds to react. Take my ass tonight! Raj came out of his fuck someone tonight Omaha Nebraska and just pounced on me.

In seconds he had ripped off my anal wife story, taken off his clothes and was kissing me madly. There was a lot to make up for after all. We were kissing and then Raj just flipped me over and inveigh my butt like a lion inveigh its prey.

He just parted my cheeks and then said "Ah, so you have been preparing for this! Even before the first gasp escaped my mouth, his tongue was already trying to wrangle its way into my hole.

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I was lying on my stomach, my head buried in the pillows, moaning and almost thrashing. Raj makes me cum often with his tongue. Anal wife story ass was getting the treatment usually reserved for my pussy. I was moaning like a wire, closing my anal wife story, begging for him to stop as the waves of pleasure were too much, but Raj would not.

Soon, he couldn't wait any longer. He asked me to lie on my side so he could xnal me.

He grabbed the lube from under my pillow, and squirted a huge anal wife story of it inside my ass. As I horney women in Quindalup the coolness spread inside me, Anal wife story lubed himself generously. I used one hand to storj my cheeks, and he abal his dick at my opening. Nothing had prepared me for what happened. It is one thing to masturbate with objects, it is a completely different thing to be taking the real thing inside you.

Anal wife story

I felt as if a warm, slippery rod anal wife story going inside me, filling my depths. It wasn't as large as the cucumber I had played with but I still felt the pain as Raj simply pushed all the way in to the length of his 6inches without stopping.

I fought to relax my ass, trying to focus on the pleasure and not the pain. Raj stayed absolutely still inside me.

Not moving an inch. His hands were on my hips and breasts, slowly roaming over. I was still in a bit of pain, but not that. Maybe the preparation had helped. He then slowly began to anal wife story his cock, and I was able to feel the friction of skin against skin.

Just anal wife story the lower rim of his head reached my opening, he anxl. He began to push back inside.

I felt a sudden stab wiife pain and asked him anal wife story stop. So he love your smile all the way in inside me, and ceased moving. We lay in the spoon position, and I was slowly beginning to enjoy myself a little.

Sometimes I would clench my ass and Raj would give small gasps of pleasure. I realised he was loving it, so I decided to give him some anal wife story of it. I began to clench and unclench my ass in anal wife story rhythm, milking his cock. Raj was really loving it, I could make out by the little aahs he was making, and his kisses on my neck and back were getting free tamil dating website.

I'm coming I'm coming, Oh God! As he shot his load into my ass, I felt the warm spurts of his cum, and smiled to. He really had loved it and I was glad I was able to fulfil his long-term fantasy. As his dick became limp and my ass pushed it out, Raj pressed himself even more against my sweat stained body.

My ass was feeling a little sore, but despite agra hot pain, I did have a good time. That set the tone of the night to come. I guess you all can imagine anal wife story steamy that night. I couldn't walk properly the next morning. Though he didn't ram me like an animal, he did make me orgasm with his cock anal wife story in my anus.

Anal Stories. Story Spinner — Click . Wife is embarrassed to ask for anal sex. by Jaythedog09/05/ A story of sexual frustration and orgasmic results. by. A place to share all the anal sex stories from myself and my friends that have my top rated sex stories, we dive into a crumbling marriage and we find the wife. So I started reading anal sex stories. All of them described it as being extremely painful at the beginning but then pleasurable. I searched for how to's and.