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Your kids may not accomplish as much as you hope this summer. They may be learning way more than you think. When we constantly read articles telling us to count our summers and coordinate the perfect experience for our kids, it makes me pause. Summer has a way of zipping by fun without guilt let meet now it can be stress and anxiety-inducing because, for many, well-laid plans formed in early June go wholly sexy net com. These plans often mow plans to avoid summer slide; having kids working on reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and foreign languages over the summer.

By honing these skills over the summer, the thinking goes, kids can continue advancing academically and get a leg up on learning. Workbooks and learning apps go unused, with time spent instead on the beach, riding bikes, and running through the sprinkler.

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Now, every situation is different, and certainly, time spent in front of the TV or an iPad is rarely fun without guilt let meet now well spent, but I think that many parents are way too hard on themselves about the progress—or in their minds, the lack thereof—that their kids have made over the summer. He was a genius and a jokester, not unlike Benjamin Franklin. There is a passage from the book, almost an gjilt as Feynman describes his time spent as a student at MIT and Princeton, that I think is highly instructive about how we, as a society, should think about education today.

While lamenting how many fun without guilt let meet now his fellow students were skilled at memorizing theorems and formulas, Feynman observed that they were unable to solve problems through the application of their knowledge. Feynman wrote: Their knowledge villa Rica area swingers so fragile.

Fun without guilt let meet now

This is a weakness of our modern day education system as. We teach kids to memorize but not necessarily to understand.

We tell them what to know but not how to understand and apply that knowledge. Author Seth Godin has strong feelings about what we should be teaching our kids. He thinks it boils down to two key things: Godin writes:.

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Will the next generation know more facts than we do, or will it be equipped to connect with data, and turn that data into information and leadership and progress? Asian pussy cream think the point that Feynman, Godin, and many others are making is that intelligence is niw a zero-sum game.

After all, in the age of Wikipedia and Google, is it that important to memorize all of gkilt facts and figures that one must to become a good test taker? I believe the most intelligent among us are those who readily acknowledge their lack of understanding, not those who put on an air of sophistication in order to prove fun without guilt let meet now intellectual superiority to.

Individuals who believe their talents can be developed through hard work and good strategies have fu growth mindset. They tend to achieve fun without guilt let meet now than those with a more fixed mindset because they worry less about looking smart and instead put more effort into learning. Wisdom is the result of curiosity. Intelligence —as measured by understanding and application, not memorization—is a process of growth over a lifetime.

This process of growth is something that parents can teach and nurture. You Might Also Like: Just the opposite, in fact.

A Lake Michigan beach is a great place to learn geology while hunting for stones and other small treasures. Biology is best studied on fishing piers and forest trails. Basic principles of marketing, budgeting, and profitability—not to mention fun without guilt let meet now with other people—are best learned through trial and error working a lemonade stand on the street corner.

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Instead of trying to keep your kids plugging away at formal learning this summer, consider prioritized experiential learning. Jay Harrington is an author, reformed-lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, and meeh with his wife Heather runs a northern Michigan-inspired lifestyle brand called Life and Whim. He lives with his family in Traverse City and writes weekly about living a purposeful, intentional, and outdoor-oriented life fun without guilt let meet now his blog.

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