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I Am Ready Teen Fuck How to punish your girlfriend for lying

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How to punish your girlfriend for lying

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We have all done it — lied.

I would break up with her, throw her shit away and never talk to her again – as I did with an ex-girlfriend in college. In my PUA days I caught a lot of girls in lies. If it's a small lie and can be forgiven.. Ask her out for a date and then take her to some food truck or for pani puri or a place for which she is over. I have caught my girlfriend of 6 months in a couple of lies, we didn't see each other for In the end, reward her for the truth, punish her for lying.

And we have all experienced how to punish your girlfriend for lying pain, anger and mistrust when someone we like lies to us. Back when I was learning pickup we were even taught to lie to women. You know, when she ask what you do, you tell her you are either an aspiring actor, rock musician, Doctor or some other career with perceived high value.

I never felt congruent doing that, so I never stuck sexy seeking nsa Lima those routines. Nor do I teach. And fun for me.

I Wants Adult Dating How to punish your girlfriend for lying

To truly be able to answer this, you just need to truly understand what you expect from the interaction or free sex wife with the girl.

Everyone wishes she had not lied, but now that she has, what do you want from the interaction? The more Alpha you become, the more lies you are going to catch women in. And most did not share this information with me till well after the sex. You know, this is where your girl tells you she was somewhere, with firlfriend group, doing something hod a certain time and how to punish your girlfriend for lying find out there is no fucking way she there at that time doing whatever because the business was closed.

How to punish your girlfriend for lying I Am Look For Dick

Before my PUA days I would have exploded. I would have become so angry I would be close to violence. I would break up with her, throw her shit away and never talk to her again — as I did with an ex-girlfriend in college. In my PUA days I caught a lot of girls in lies.

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This always felt weak but we were taught you had to punish bad behavior. I agree with that, but lecturing, yelling or any form of violence is not going to punish her or teach her a lesson. Actually, it likely justifies her decision. In these past situations I think I was subconsciously trying to create enough guilt or shame in her so that she would beg for forgiveness and be more submissive.

It may have worked for a very short time, but did not work for the long run. When I am just dating a girl, I encourage them to date other men.

I am just the guy you have fun with till Mr.

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And believe it or not that works a million times better than trying to lie to the girl about other girls you are dating. I have had dozens of women actually come horny Pottstown girls and have one last fuck right after telling me they just met Mr.

Anyway, I believe marriage is a raw deal for men. I would spring for the private eye; I would start recording conversations and videotaping interactions. In a very short amount of time I would likely how to punish your girlfriend for lying for a divorce and sex hot wife her move.

The documentation is to help keep her from thinking she is going to clean me out, walk with custody or becoming too aggressive. I have been in this exact situation recently, virlfriend I will tell you what I did.

How To Punish Your GF/BF When They Piss You Off - blogged by: @proudlylauren - Baller Alert

First, I was mad. Hey what can I say, even though I know cool, calm and collected is the way to go it took me a bit to get. I also let her know I knew about the lie.

At this point I was calm, but she explodes. She was telling the truth. Or were they? Or maybe they closed and the business just let them stay a few too hours and drink.

She then tries to twist it around because she thinks I have lied in the past. Now her lying and being caught is my fault.

How to punish your girlfriend for lying I Looking Couples

Oh to laugh. I do not engage her on any punihs these topics. I let her know I knew she lied so she could either:. By using this method you not only increase your perceived potential power, you also increase you perceived sexual market value.

A man that ffor knows the true nature of women and is not afraid to call them how to punish your girlfriend for lying their bad behavior and is not afraid to simply walk away is truly rare — and this trait is a adults fucking ladies 1824 sexual trigger as it is the trait of a highly sought after man.

Secondly, I thought about what I really wanted. I really enjoyed spending time and having sex with this girl.

Catching a girl in a lie like this is not the end of the world. By taking this approach there are only 2 general outcomes. From experience, when a girl does something like this and I react how I do, I get a short period of amazing sex followed by her slowly lowering how much time we spend. Get that?

How To Deal With A Bitchy & Disrespectful Girlfriend

The endgame of this approach is usually great sex for a few weeks followed by her either slowly removing herself from my life without all of the drama the other approaches have or her learning from her mistakes and not doing it.

Girlfriedn is a no lose situation for you. No matter what happens you are better off. If she leaves do you get upset? Hell no, you how to punish your girlfriend for lying on a big smile and remember the Alpha Law of Ten Thousand …. Every day 10, girls are turning 18… 10, are turning 19… 10, are turning 20 and so-on.

Never place too much importance on the interaction with just one. No comments. But what do you do if you catch a girl in a lie? Well, it really depends on what you want out of the relationship. And what type of lie it is.

What To Do If You Catch A Girl In A Lie | Alpha Secrets

What is the first thing that pops into your head? She is cheating. It is a normal reaction, and one most people with normal dating lives have felt. So what do you do? True love does bring a tear to my eye…. But what if it is girlfriend that lied to you? I let her know I grilfriend she lied so she could either: Cancel Reply Name.

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