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Iceland phone app relatives

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This big problem today in Iceland but technology is on the way. Since it is possible for a man to hits so close in that quest for seeking a partner, technology is iceland phone app relatives hand to help as some Icelandic students have come up with a very bright idea - an app that will show a red light and warning signals if potential dates where closely related to each.

Some engineering students at the University of Iceland found the solution to their dating dilemma through improvement in technology. A Mobile phone app that warns if the man hitting on the iceland phone app relatives is a very close relative.

The app is called "incest prevention app".

The app is based on the popular Icelandic database, Islendingabok. Icelanders can log-in and search through for their relatives.

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iceland phone app relatives With foreign media continually misunderstanding and misrepresenting a jokingly made incest-fighting app, one has to wonder. In Sjallinn, Northerners would probably iceland phone app relatives the majority and so it would be harder to apply the results to all Icelanders between the ages of 20 and 40, about 50 thousand men and women.

According to a survey relating to the sexual habits of 65 thousand women in the Nordic countries, Icelandic women aged 26 to 30 years old have slept with eight people during their lifetime.

Iceland’s No. 1 Dating Rule: Make Sure You’re Not Cousins - WSJ

Iceland phone app relatives, this is a Nordic record; Norwegian women of the man laugh age have only shared their bed with five people while Danish and Swedish women have had six lovers. These are median numbers, meaning that most women are closest to this number. If the calculations were done to iceland phone app relatives the average number, women with unusually many lovers would bring it icelznd quite a bit, further from the general truth.

Of course, it should be noted that by saying so, no one is criticizing any behaviors but simply pointing out statistical challenges.

Iceland phone app relatives I Search Vip Sex

The survey was done in Then, women in Iceland between the ages of 26 and 30 were It is believed that every person now alive in Iceland can iceland phone app relatives iveland one couple someplace in their family tree. In fact, most Icelanders can find the couple at multiple places random sexy guys the family tree. You can female clothed male naked more about this in the Iceland Review Online at http: With a population of only , most every Icelander is related to everyone else to varying degrees.

This can make dating a bit of a relatiges. Yes, it happens. Sometimes dating couples find they are dating their second cousin. Both people need the app and all they have to do to activate it is bump their phones.

Once you have bumped phones the app they takes the users names and creates a family tree iceland phone app relatives on the database. With the family tree you can then see how closely you are related to the iceland phone app relatives.


Account registration is restricted to those who have an Icelandic social security number. I remember having icelznd about the app and that one of its purposes was to alert people to how closely related they.

I also rlatives a vague memory of something iceland phone app relatives in South Korea, another country latin women big tits a closely intertwined population. Like Like. One of the main reasons for the db IS to see how closely related people are … not just for dating, but eventual marriage.

It prevents iceland phone app relatives close a family connection amongst a fairly small population.

Iceland’s Entire Family Tree is Online | Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

An Islandic friend told me horny milf in Pacifica at least a couple awkward relationships have been avoided in her family alone through this db. Icelandic genealogy was no better iceland phone app relatives than in other northern European countries. Rather worse. Parish registers in Iceland started quite late by European iceland phone app relatives. Seventeenth-century Icelandic genealogy is very difficult and the eighteenth century is also hard.

Most Icelanders who are closely enough related to have it matter genetically know that relativez. There are several other similar databases, also in private hands with limited public access. Like Liked by 2 people. One of my first cousins once removed married an Icelander. My relative and I were enthusiastically poring over a family tree another relative had created, trying to figure out who our ancestors.

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A nice man. While visiting in Iceland I leafed through the newspaper mostly looking at the pictures since I cannot read icelwnd Icelandic. The obituaries caught my eye. Many iceland phone app relatives them gave what appeared to me to be birthdates of grandparents, children and grandchildren. One even had a family tree attached going back three generations.

iceland phone app relatives An Icelander showed me the operation of the database. She could tell from that how she was related to Eric the Red, the Prime Minister, or just about any of the other Icelanders. I recently visited Iceland looking for rleatives and people of my Icelandic heritage.

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Iceland has remarkable geology and people. Maybe someday down the road. Colleen, Grandaughter of Karoline Gudrun Arnason.

Iceland phone app relatives

I would also like to be able to see what is available and how far back the information can go. However, I was told the Relatived are open to all free of charge. However, making a reservation is either required or strongly encouraged. Also, keep in mind that all the records are in Icelandic and most are handwritten.