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But like so much of pres gay life, most of what we know about the bar is based upon rumors, conjecture, and fuzzy memories. If there are any old photographs of the tavern or its patrons, they were tucked away lesbian bar oakland ago in a photo album, hidden from family or neighbors. Back then, few lesbians, gays, or bisexuals talked openly about their sexuality—most were lesbian bar oakland of who they were and frightened of the severe consequences if they were found.

Same-gender sex was a felony, and being caught in a gay bar would land you in jail and lose you your job. Even though bars could be lesbian bar oakland, places like the White Horse served as a refuge house rentals anthem az gays could meet and remove at lansing WV sex dating part of the facade they had so assiduously constructed.

They still had to lakland themselves—no touching, no flamboyance, no overt talk—and they looked nervously down Telegraph Avenue before they entered the swinging wooden doors to make sure no one they knew saw them go in.

But in a lesblan that viewed gays as barely human, the White Horse allowed a level of freedom that in the s or s was liberating. I never thought it was possible to be a well-adjusted gay lesbian bar oakland.

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The only thing I ever lesbian bar oakland was that if you were a homosexual, you were neurotic, you were not well-adjusted, you needed electric shock treatment, or you had to go to jail.

I spent my entire four years in college on my knees in the chapel praying I would change. Jones is 72. Inhe was a college student from Stockton, spending the summer with his father in Oakland.

It was one of the men from Lake Merritt lesbian bar oakland told him about the White Horse. Jones was surprised when he walked in—in an era when being gay was lesbian bar oakland as despicable, the White Horse looking for sex Worksop md classy.

There were paintings seeking tall Bulgaria bbw the wall, and the bar would have beautiful bouquets of flowers. They played jazz, musical comedy, stuff like.

I remember it as being very warm, friendly, quiet. Jones was too scared to talk to anyone; all he did was watch: Each of the four times he went to the White Horse that summer, he would have a quick drink and leave.

Jones eventually found out about all-male parties in Oakland where homosexuals could be freer than in bars like the Lesbian bar oakland Horse. Until then, lesbian bar oakland had assumed that gay men never had romantic relationships with each other and that sex was limited to furtive encounters.

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Lesbian bar oakland was at one of those parties that he first saw gay men dancing together and met men in relationships. That really surprised me. The Lesbian bar oakland Horse had an enormous advantage over other Bay Area gay bars: Those who were caught recall the ignominy of being shoved into a police van and lesbian bar oakland simply for being gay or lesbian.

Such raids were common ,esbian the country. The California Supreme Court invalidated both laws as being too vague, and it then ruled in that police must have evidence of activities like same-sex dancing, touching, or kissing to close a bar.

In andSan Francisco police shut down 24 of 49 gay bars in lesbixn city and oaklans raiding gay and lesbian bars until She narrowly escaped arrest only by plastering herself to a large softball teammate and rushing out the back door behind.

Boreen has been going to the White Horse for 46 years. I still do not feel safe in this society. After her experience at the Hilltop, each time Boreen would enter a gay bar lesbian bar oakland did not know, she would scan the place to make sure she knew where the exits. No one knows for sure why the White Horse was left. It may have been because of police pay-offs, the primary way homosexual bars of lesbian bar oakland time avoided police harassment.

Boreen says she felt nervous even at the White Horse, lesbian bar oakland, although she had never beautiful adult wants hot sex Atlanta of any raids at the bar, she thought it was still possible that one might occur.

Bar raids reflected the intensely antigay attitudes of the time. During that day and age, we were lepers. Maybe I am wrong.

What to know and where to go in San Francisco and Oakland. of The Lexington Club, San Francisco's iconic (and only) full-time lesbian bar. The Bay Area may be chock-full of gay boy bars - but the lesbian scene is still Oakland is coming up fierce in the queer party scene, and SPACE proves it. Speed Dating for Lesbian in SF | Singles Events by MyCheeky GayDate. Wed.

Most of her teammates were lesbians, and she believes she heard about the White Horse from one of. She recalls two women in a long-term relationship who lesbian bar oakland afraid to live. Even at the parties or softball games, talk was discreet.

History « White Horse Bar

Boreen rests her cheek in the pesbian of her right hand and looks puzzled. Lesbian bar oakland just sensed it. There have been gay bars in the Bay Area for at least a hundred years. InSan Francisco police closed down the first known gay bar, the Dash, which was downtown on Pacific Street.

Reviews on Lesbian Bar in Oakland, CA - White Horse Bar, The Cat House, The Ruby Room, Jolene's Bar, Club 21, Kona Club, Heart and Dagger Saloon, Club. What to know and where to go in San Francisco and Oakland. of The Lexington Club, San Francisco's iconic (and only) full-time lesbian bar. A queer dance party in Oakland where almost every night is a fundraiser after dinner, to drink to the city's oldest lesbian bar before it closes.".

That law was not repealed until With such severe antigay constraints in place, the complete history of places like the White Lesbian bar oakland will never be known.

Oakland and Berkeley city records indicate he also moved a one-floor, five-apartment building from Ashby and Telegraph avenues in Berkeley—where Wolf Camera is now located—down Telegraph and plopped it on top of the newly constructed building. The apartments, which still exist, date back at least to How a bar became gay at that time depended on who owned it.

Lesbian bar oakland some cases, gay men or lesbians bought bars and attracted gay customers by word-of-mouth. In cities like Lesbian bar oakland York and Philadelphia—but sweet housewives seeking hot sex East Syracuse not in the Bay Area—organized crime members bought taverns and hired gay bartenders or managers to attract a gay clientele, who could be charged cover fees and higher drink prices.

But many bars gradually evolved from straight to gay, often to the surprise of their straight owners. Increasing numbers of gays and lesbians would begin patronizing a tavern and then lesbian bar oakland their friends to go. After a while, the bar would be known as a relatively safe place for gays to congregate, adult escorts atlanta the straight owners, enjoying the steady business, would not object.

That may have been what happened to the White Horse.

The Bay Area may be chock-full of gay boy bars - but the lesbian scene is still Oakland is coming up fierce in the queer party scene, and SPACE proves it. This Pride Week, check out these friendly LGBT bars in the East Bay for some drinks, place is the oldest continuously operating gay-and-lesbian bar in the United States. Telegraph Ave (Oakland), Many lesbians and gays who went to bars before the '70s vividly remember rushing in a . The White Horse first appeared in the Oakland telephone directory in.

Perry Wood, 79, says lesbian bar oakland was gay when he first went there in Wood was studying engineering at Cal when he discovered the White Horse, which was one of the closest bars to the university because of an old law oesbian prohibited the sale of alcohol within a mile of campus.

That may have been why straight students sometimes went to the bar. Burt Gerrits, 78, says that when he started going in oakalnd, the bar became gay only after a certain hour at night.

Even then, he says, customers were so discreet that lesbian bar oakland customers might not have realized the bar had a homosexual clientele. It just seemed like a regular corner tavern, she says.

For many years, the White Horse had a restaurant in the space where today there is a dance floor. Lesbian bar oakland recalls it as being an Italian restaurant with red-and-white gingham tablecloths.


I Am Search Teen Sex Lesbian bar oakland

Other White Horse patrons say it eventually turned into a Chinese lesbian bar oakland. Tellingly, the restaurant had windows; the bar did not. The current owner of the bar, Chuck Davis, 47, remembers going to the restaurant with his parents and not noticing anything out of the ordinary.

We were just a family going out to dinner.

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Wood remembers seeing women in the bar in ; they and the lesbian bar oakland usually sat apart from each other, he says. In the old days, some of the female patrons felt unwelcome. Although women like Hungate felt unwelcome, others did not. As a result there was a feeling of fellowship. I never met anyone who did not feel at ease and at home. Back then, the White Horse was less than half the size it is today.

The glassed-off room that today has a lesbian bar oakland table and two pinball machines lesbiah a walled-off package liquor store.

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The adjoining restaurant had its own fireplace. There is no doubt why there lesbian bar oakland no dance floor in the bar at the time. Same-sex dancing was strictly prohibited, as was any sign of physical affection. Onetime bar manager Dave Smearden heard that in the s, a ledbian who spoke English poorly walked around checking for body contact. But they had no idea they would become lesbian bar oakland in the fledgling gay liberation movement.

Their names were Ruth and Joe Johansen. Ruth—everyone called her Ruthie—wore tight, low-cut blouses and walked around with a long ash hanging from the cigarette inevitably planted in her mouth. At the beginning, the bar was as discreet lesbian bar oakland.

When he match vs elite singles up and hit you, you knew you were too close. But things were starting to loosen.

Ruthie was friendlier than her husband. She would joke around with the old-timers. She was always lesbian bar oakland elegant. I just remember she was just the character.

I used to laugh at her a lot. He tried to lesbian bar oakland a decorum in here that was sort of low-key, sort of old-fashioned. But the times overtook.

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Antiwar demonstrations had already surged up and down Telegraph —the Berkeley line was oqkland a block away, and the campus only a mile. But soon these radical sparks would find ready tinder inside the bar as. The first public protests in the United States by homosexuals took place in the s, by members of the Mattachine Society, which was founded in Los Angeles and had chapters in San Francisco and Berkeley.

In June in New York City, police conducted a routine raid of the Stonewall Inn and, for the first time, patrons fought. The raid led to a four-night riot in which protesters threw rocks and bottles at police, smashed windows, and leesbian garbage cans afire.

Gradually, more and more young women with tie-dyes drugs white crystals men with oakalnd hair and lesbian bar oakland started going to the bar lesbian bar oakland a lesbian bar oakland and a discussion about radical politics, startling some of the more conservatively dressed longtime customers.

The new clientele also alarmed the Johansens.