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The real bbc looking for a friend

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If so, let me know.

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Top definition. BBC unknown.

Big Black Cock. I used to know a friend, all she could talk about was how she wanted that BBC badly. British Broadcast Corporation offer a large amount of information to the british public which many people seem to use as their only source of information about the outside world.

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Unfortunately the influence they possess is staggering causing much aggravation to pretty much anything involved with Britain. Man 1: Have you seen the BBC news this morning!?

Bitches Be Crazy. Also see BAS. Dude Jacky went off on me last night and started trowing shit all over!

Bitches Be Crazy Need I say anymore. My girlfriend's friends always accuse me of cheatingBBC. That time when you can't put your finger one what exactly it is about that girl.

Originally coined in a situation where a man dated a woman and then she vanished and stopped calling, etc, only for the man to find out via facebook a week later she just entered a relationship. In a bad roommate situation and your friends ask what happened and what went wrong, the only reply you need?

Bitches be crazy. The first letter can also be altered to each situation, i.

GBC bvc gingers be crazy. Stands for Being a Bitch Condition. This word is mainly targeted towards people that are total pussies and can't take pain.

Man, should I get this papercut checked out? What's that? Being a Bitch Condition.

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